Design, Textiles and Sustainable Development (DesTex)

This page gives overall information about the project and the initiative.

The Design, Textiles and Sustainable Development (DesTex) project and initiative (VGR Dnr RUN 612-0016) aims to strengthen Region Västra Götaland (VGR) as a leading knowledge area. VGR, jointly with University of Borås and University of Skövde, support collaborative research between University of Borås and University of Skövde within the research theme "smart textiles".

Three areas of research are targeted in the project:

1) Research within the development of materials, technology, ICT solutions and applications for using smart textiles within health promoting and ergonomic functional clothes (this as an example, whereas results can be applicable in other domains as well).

2) Research within materials and ICT solutions for soft robotics based on smart textiles.

3) Research about how smart textiles can be used to support interaction between humans and technology, e.g. human-robot/humanoid interaction.

Additional objectives of the initiative are to:
- attract highly educated people to the Västra Götaland region,
- increase innovation and local production,
- establish a long-lasting, stimulating and internationally leading research environment.



Research areas/groups involved

University of Borås

Textiles and Fashion

University of Skövde

InteractionLab (School of Informatics)
User Centred Product Design (School of Engineering Science)
Mechanics of Materials (School of Engineering Science)


The project is funded by:
- Region Västra Götaland (VGR)
- University of Borås
- University of Skövde

Project management group

Vincent Nierstrasz, Professor, University of Borås (research leader)
Dan Högberg, Professor, University of Skövde (assistant research leader)
Kim Bolton, Professor, University of Borås
Paul Hemeren, Senior Lecturer, University of Skövde

Dissemination activities

Roboten Pepper vässas med hjälp av smarta textilier (SVT, Jun 2018)
Pepper – den känsliga roboten (BT, Jun 2018)
Roboten Pepper känner vad användaren vill (FT, Jun 2018)
Se högskolans smarta robot: Pepper (Borås DLY, Jun 2018)
Mänskliga robotar får vänta för Volvo (SN, Nov 2017)
Att umgås med en robot  (SLA, Nov 2017)
Mänskligt utseende viktigt när tekniken ska kommunicera (SN, Nov 2017)
Fick besök av kända robotforskare (Metal Supply, Dec 2016)

Dissemination activities related to the preceeding project (2013-2015, VGR funded):
Video 1 - SVT2 (YouTube)
Video 2 (YouTube)
Unexpected meetings generate unique research


Journal publications

B. Zhou, C. A. V. Altamirano, H. Cruz, S. R. Atefi, E. A. Billing, F. Seoane, & P. Lukowicz (2017). Textile pressure mapping sensor for emotional touch detection in human-robot interaction. Sensors, 17(11), 1–16.

R. Lowe, R. Andreasson, B. Alenljung, A. Lund, and E. A. Billing (2017) Designing for a Wearable Affective Interface for the NAO Robot: A Study of Emotion Conveyance by Touch. Submitted to Multimodal Technologies and Interaction.

Conference papers

J. Sun., E. A. Billing, F. Seoane, B. Zhou, D. Högberg, P. Hemeren (2017) Categories of touch: Classifying human touch using a soft tactile sensor. The robotic sense of touch: from sensing to understanding, workshop at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 29, Singapore.

B. Zhou, H. Z. Cruz, S. R. Atefi, E. A. Billing, F. Seoane, P. Lukowicz (2017) TouchMe: Full-textile Touch Sensitive Skin for Encouraging Human-Robot Interaction. The robotic sense of touch: from sensing to understanding, workshop at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 29, Singapore.

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V. Malm, F. Seoane, V. Nierstrasz (2017) Characterisation of electrical and stiffness properties of conductive textile coatings with metal flake-shaped fillers. Submitted for publication

V. Malm, F. Seoane, V. Nierstrasz (2017) Stability of encapsualted electrical interconnections coated on fabric exposed to mechanical strain. To be submitted for publication

R. Andreasson, B. Alenljung, E. A. Billing, R. Lowe (2017) Affective Touch in Human-Robot Interaction: Conveying Emotion to the Nao Robot. Accepted for publication in International Journal of Social Robotics.

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B. Alenljung, R. Andreasson, E. A. Billing, J. Lindblom, R. Lowe (2017) User Experience of Conveying Emotions by Touch. In the proceedings of the 26th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), 2017, Lisbon, Portugal, p. 1240-1247.

F. Syrén, C. Li, E. A. Billing, A. Lund (2016) Characterization of textile resistive strain sensors. 16th World Textile Conference AUTEX 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 8-10.