Virtual Verification of Human-Robot Collaboration

This page gives overall information about the project.

The objective of the Virtual Verification of Human-Robot Collaboration project (Vinnova Dnr 2015-03719) is to perform research and development actions needed for the creation of a simulation tool that facilitates efficient and valid simulation of human-robot collaboration and where the consideration of human variation is supported.

The demonstrator human-robot collaboration simulation tool developed will be used by industry for verifying and balancing human-robot collaboration. The industry will be able, in early design phases, to generate work instructions to a worker and programming code to a robot in an optimal workplace where robots’ and humans’ advantages are combined and utilised in a successful way.



Project leader

Lars Hanson, Scania AB / Chalmers / University of Skövde
Telephone: +46 707-890272


Lars Hanson (Professor), Scania AB / Chalmers / University of Skövde
Johan S Carlson (PhD), FCC
Robert Bohlin (PhD), FCC
Dan Högberg (Professor), University of Skövde
Erik Brolin (PhD), University of Skövde
Fredrik Ore (PhD student, Lic.), Scania / Mälardalen University
Domenico Spensieri (PhD student, Lic.), FCC / Chalmers
Pamela Ruiz Castro (MSc), University of Skövde
Aitor Iriondo Pascual (PhD student, University of Skövde)
Niclas Delfs (MSc), FCC
Peter Mårdberg (MSc), FCC


Academic institutions / Research organisations

- Chalmers University of Technology
- Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre (FCC)
- University of Skövde

Industrial partners

- Volvo Group Trucks Technology
- GKN Aerospace Engine Systems Sweden
- Scania CV
- Volvo Car Group


The project is funded by:
- Vinnova, FFI - Fordonsstrategisk Forskning och Innovation
- The participating organisations

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Degree Projects

Jimenez Sanchez, J.L. (2019) LUA programming in HRC workstation design. Master Thesis. KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Link to full-text

Ruiz Castro, P. and Gonzalez, V. (2018). Evaluation of a human-robot collaboration in an industrial workstation. Master Thesis. Halmstad University. Link to full-text

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