This page gives overall information about the project.

The overarching purpose of the VEAP research project (KK-stiftelsen/INFINIT Dnr 20160292) is to study the implementation of DHM (digital human modelling) simulation in industrial production system development processes to support proactive consideration of ergonomics issues in early development phases. Further research purposes are to evaluate the developed and implemented methods and functionality in an industrial context and to improve the existing system to be able to produce digital human models with enhanced appearance and accuracy. An aim of the research project is to identify a suitable work process when utilising a so called manikin family and automated batch simulations for visualisation and evaluation of proposed product or workplace design. Another aim of the research project is to create a system that includes a number of mathematical models that combined will be able to produce digital human models with data of body shape, strength and flexibility.



Project leader

Erik Brolin (PhD), University of Skövde


Bombardier Transportation Sweden AB


The project is funded by:
- KK-foundation through the INFINIT research environment at University of Skövde
- The participating organisation

Publications and other results

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