The organisation of VEC is dynamic in the sense that all people and organisations with an interest in virtual ergonomics are welcome to join us. The people and organisations involved in VEC's activities, and their degree of activity, is likely to vary over time depending on what research projects and other assignments that are currently undertaken. However, there is a core group of people that will form a solid part of the VEC organisation.

The core group

Roland Örtengren, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology
Lars Hanson, Docent, Scania/Chalmers University of Technology
Dan Högberg, Docent, University of Skövde
Dan Lämkull, PhD, Volvo Cars/Chalmers University of Technology
Annki Falck, PhD, Chalmers University of Technology
Gunnar Bäckstrand, PhD, Swerea IVF/University of Skövde

PhD students and research engineers

Cecilia Berlin, PhD student, Chalmers University of Technology
Lennart Malmsköld, PhD student, Saab Automobile/Chalmers University of Technology
Erik Bertilsson, PhD student, University of Skövde/Chalmers University of Technology
Ali Keyvani, PhD student, Innovatum/University West/Chalmers University of Technology
Ida-Märta Rhen, Research assistant, University of Skövde
Hans Sjöberg, Research engineer, Chalmers University of Technology

People and organisations involved in VEC activities or with shown interest

Mikael Blomé, Lund University
Keith Case, Loughborough University
Marita Christmansson, Atlet AB
Torbjörn Danielsson, Virtual Systems
Tania Dukic, VTI (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute)
Maria Gink Lövgren, AB Volvo
Emma Karlström, Volvo IT
Jonas Laring, Chalmers University of Technology
Kent Larsson, Etteplan/Teknikpartner
Pär Lindhe, Dassault Systemes Sweden AB
Agneta Lundqvist, Dassault Systemes Sweden AB, DELMIA Nordics
Patrick Neumann, Ryerson University, Canada
Ulla Munch Ulfsfält, Alviva
Per Odenrick, Lund University
Roland Roll, FCC
Magnus Rönnäng, Volvo Cars
Anders Sundin, Semcon Caran
Ingrid Svensson, Saab Automobile
Lennart Walldén, Innovatum

Research groups, centres and organisation targeted by VEC for inspiration and collaboration

General Motors / Saab Automobiles
Ford Motor Company / Volvo Cars
Volvo Group
HUMOSIM, University of Michigan
VSR, The University of Iowa
AnyBody, Aalborg University
SAMMIE/HADRIAN, Loughborough University