Distributed Real-Time Systems

The group is carrying out research in the area of distributed real-time systems. In particular, we focus on techniques for software testing, simulation and information fusion within different domains such as cyber physical systems, critical infrastructures and ambient assisted living.

The group is mainly carrying out research in the areas of:

  • infrastructure, architecture, methods and algorithms for information fusion
  • model-based and mutation-based software testing of embedded systems
  • distributed real-time systems
  • distributed real-time simulations

Our research goals concern studying and solving the special synchronization, communication, and dynamic scheduling problems that appear in complex distributed real-time systems. In particular, we focus on information fusion applications within the scope of this field. When it comes to software testing, our main goal is to define methods and techniques to test software in embedded systems as effective and efficient as possible.



Members of the research group

Birgitta Lindström, Research group leader, Associate Professor

Yacine Atif, Research group co-leader, Professor
Sten F. Andler, Professor Emeritus
Jeff Offutt, Visiting professor, George Mason University
Gunnar Mathiason, PhD
Jonas Mellin, PhD
Jianguo Ding, Associate Professor
Marcus Brohede, Lecturer
András Marki, Lecturer
Yuning Jiang, PhD student

Fatiha Djebbar
, guest researcher

Previous group members