ELVIRA Workshop

Threat Modeling and Resilience of Critical Infrastructures, Högskolan i Skövde, Sverige, Date: 2017-06-21

Critical infrastructure such as the power grid, the traffic network, healthcare, water supply and others are vital for keeping the society striving. The ELVIRA project supported by the European funds on inner security (ISF) aims at increasing the understanding of cascading effects of failures of components of the critical infrastructure, in particular the power grid. ELVIRA shall focus on modelling critical infrastructure networks, collecting real-time data about the true state of the network, and on algorithms that forecast the imminent consequences of a failures in the network.

The workshop is the initial open workshop of the ELVIRA project and shall bring together representatives of the network operators and researchers in the fields of planning, managing, monitoring, and analyzing networks of critical infrastructure. The workshop aims to gather domain knowledge from participating experts and to discuss the following questions:

What type of threats can affect the security and function of critical infrastructure (in particular power grid)?
What are the components of critical infrastructure and in which way do they depend on each other (cascading effects)?
Which data sources can be utilized to assess the current status of a critical infrastructure network?
The workshop will start with an introduction to the ELVIRA project. After an introductory round, the workshop participants jointly discuss the challenges facing today’s critical infrastructures. The result shall be the basis for possible joint collaborations on the subjects.

The meeting aims at raising awareness on cyberattacks against critical infrastructure and create collaboration opportunities between relevant stakeholders. Please register by expressing your interest to

(subject: “ELVIRA-Workshop 2017”) by May 31, 2017.

Welcome to a challenging workshop in Skövde!