Enterprise modeling

The Erasmus+ project OMI (Open Model Initiative) has the goal to create teaching material and an modeling environment for enterprise modeling to be used for master and PhD education in Europe. The role of University of Skövde is to investigate advanced metamodeling techniques and to provide contraint checking for the open modeling tool.

The OMI initiative includes researcher from all over Europe who come together once a year for a two week summerschool on enterprise modeling. Interested master and PhD students can apply for a scholarschip for this summerschool.

The project ended in August 2017 but work continues in the context of the NEMO summerschool, see http://nemo.omilab.org/


Project Leader

The project in short

Fully name of project:
Open Model Initiative

2014 - 2017

Financed by:
European Commision, Erasmus+

Collaborating partners/Partnership:
University of Vienna, Austria

Researchers related to the current project

Manfred Jeusfeld, Senior Lecturer in Informatics