Information Fusion Research Program

The University of Skövde has established a research program within the area of information fusion from databases, sensors and simulations.

This area is unique, of strategic importance for industry, defense and public service areas such as healthcare, and is currently not represented at any other Swedish university in its entirety. Read here about information fusion. Current project is UMIF.

Several industrial partners are taking part in the development of the research program, which they judge as an important area. The university has a number of research groups working on different aspects of information fusion, thereby contributing to a research program of considerable strength, within the main research focus of the university.

Newsletter and workshops

- Spring IFAB 2014 (3 april)

- SWIFT 2014 - Part 2 (2 April)

- SWIFT 2014 (Page in Swedish)

- Infofusion Newsletter No1 | 2012

- Infofusion Newsletter No1 | 2013

Information Fusion Research

"Information fusion is the synergistic integration of information from different sources about the behavior of a particular system, to support decisions and actions relating to the system. Information fusion includes theory, techniques and tools for exploiting the synergy in the information acquired from multiple sources, for example sensors observing system behavior, databases storing knowledge about previous behavior, simulations predicting future behavior and information gathered by humans."

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