Description of Action Library

There are 105 different actions in the library, which is divided into 3 subfolders that contain the actions in different formats, as c3d files, text files and as recorded videos produced from Matlab. Social actions are included in the folder named “social.” Some of the social actions, however, belong also to the different grasping categories and are found in the different grasping folders

About the video files

Each action was recorded in Matlab as a point-light display and a skeleton display where lines form the basic structure of the hand and arm. The actions are easier to recognize with the skeleton version. In addition, there are three video views for each action. Each view corresponds to a different angle of filming from within Matlab (a left-frontal, a right-frontal and a perpendicular view). The c3d files or the text files can be used to make new action recordings from within Matlab.

Download the files here.