Human-Robot Interaction

The project is part of strategic research cooperation between the University of Skövde and the University of Borås.

We are working on improving communication between robots and humans by using so-called smart textiles. The purpose is to be able to convey emotions to robots via tactile sensors woven into the smart textiles that are worn by the robot.

The project as a whole has defined four unique domains for collaboration in order to optimize mutual strengths and expertise between HB and HiS (Smart Textiles – ICT solutions /Robotics):

  • Wearable textile interface/controllers
    • E.g. knitted glove for gesture recognition and human-robot interaction.
  • Emotion communication via wearable textile sensor
    • E.g. support human-robot interaction through touch.
  • Understanding the molecular properties of "smart" fibres
    • E.g. fibres as artificial muscles that react to heat.
  • Using "smart" fibres for soft robots and artificial muscles
    • E.g. textiles with muscle wire material that can move.

Project leader

The project in short

Fully name of project:
Design, Textiles and Sustainable Development


Financed by:
The Region of Västra Götaland

Collaborating partners/Partnership:
University of Borås

Researchers related to the current project


From the Interaction Lab

Paul Hemeren, PhD
Erik Billing, PhD
Gauss Lee, PhD
Beatrice Alenljung, PhD
Rebecca Andreasson, MSc
Robert Lowe, PhD
Tom Ziemke, PhD

From the School of engineering

Dan Högberg, fil.dr Bitr. Professor
Ulf Stigh, fil.dr. Professor
Waseem Tahir, fil.dr. Post-doc