2018-06-01: InGaMe Lab welcomes our new PhD student Yanhui Su from Shanghai. Yanhui is just starting his work in Skövde and the planned area/topic is game metrics and game analysis.

2017-03-06: The Game Hub Scandinavia Project plan a trip to Shanghai and Beijing to visit universities and business contacts. We will also visit the two Skövde students who spend part of the springsemester in Shanghai where they carry out their theses projects. More information to be found on the project website.

2016-04-28: Pascal Luban (game designer and teacher from France) visited University of Skövde and InGaMe Lab for an Erasmus teacher exchange. Pascal met researchers, teachers and students during his stay.

2016-03-18: Researchers from InGaMe Lab held presentations at Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. This is the first time that research and study programs from our university is presented at GDC.

2016-01-01: Marcus Toftedahl is our new PhD student. Marcus is financed by and working in the Game Hub Scandinavia project.

2015-12-01: The serious games master programme has been running since fall 2008. Since the start we have offered a project course in which teams work with external clients on game prototypes. These are the ones from 2008-2015.

2015-09-07: InGaMe Lab welcomes our new PhD student Fernando Bevilacqua from Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul in Brazil. Fernando will join us for three and a half years for his PhD studies.

2015-08-30: University of Skövde (InGaMe Lab) is a partner in the new Interreg project Game Hub Scandinavia. We will employ one new PhD student.

2014-10-16: University of Skövde (InGaMe Lab) will arrange the VS-Games Conference in 2015. Information about submissions and other details are available on the conference site.

2014-09-25: Anna Sofia Alklind Taylor defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations and great work!

2014-06-03/04: InGaMe Lab arranged Sweden Game Developers Conference. The conference was a part of the Scandinavian Game Developers project financed by EU Interreg/KASK. A huge success with more than 150 participants.

2013-09-05 Interaction Lab gives a talk about games and learning for the Swedish Learning Association ( Invited participants are from a range of Swedish companies and organisations such as Skåne University Hospital, Ikea, Church of Sweden and Readsoft.

2013-08-22: Interaction Lab presents research about game-based rehabilitation at Digital Health Days in Stockholm.

2013-08-16: Interaction Lab organised a 1-day seminar on game-based learning, serious games and gamification for members of the Society for Organizational Learning.

2013-04-06: Interaction Lab is happy to announce two open seminars with Santeri Koivisto from MinecraftEdu. The seminars will take place on April 15 and 16. More information about the seminars.

2013-02-01: Tim Silverpanda, former student at the serious games master programme has now been admitted to the EUCROMA Academy in Copenhagen. Congratulations and good luck!

2013-01-30: InGame Lab /Interaction Lab has been invited to present their work on games for rehabilitation at the Richard Project conference in March.

2013-01-30:  InGame Lab /Interaction Lab has been invited to present their work on game-based methods and technologies in ambulance training at thePreHospen Conference.

2012-12-03: Opportunity for former students at University of Skövde to apply for a scholarship to attend the EUCROMA Academy in Copenhagen

2012-09-28: Interaction Lab research was presented and made available for experience at Researchers' Night 2012. We were present in Skövde and Lidköping in our region. Find out more about Researchers' Night at:

2012-08-15: Interaction Lab started a feasibility study on simulator training in cooperation with Västra Götalandsregionen, ambulance center Skövde.

2012-02-15: InGaMe Lab and Cognition and Interaction Lab have merged to form the new research group Interaction Lab.

2011-10-01: Björn Berg Marklund, new Phd student employed by University of Skövde (InGaMe Lab) within the EU Interreg IVA project Scandinavian Game Developers.

2011-09-26: InGaMe Lab is co-organizer of the Swedish Game Conference 2011 together with the Game incubator and Gothia Science Park. The game education summit, is organized as a part of the Expertkompetens project financed by the KK foundation.

2011-09-24: InGaMe Lab invited speaker at Sveriges äldre läkares höstmöte in Skövde (the society for retired physicians, annual meeting).

2011-06-07: Rum&Frukost was awarded the prize for best serious game at the Swedish Game Awards. The motivation from the jury was: “The developer has, with an interesting theme, managed to combine something difficult to understand with an easy game. The jury finds this game well executed from an educational point-of-view.” The team is composed of master students from the serious games study program at Högskolan i Skövde. The game can be downloaded from Stockholm municipality website.

2011-05-27: InGaMe Lab is a partner in the EU Life Long Learning project EduGaMeLab. The project will study the potential of serious games for education and develop analysis tools to evaluate the quality of educational games. The project is coordinated by Universcience in Paris.

2011-05-27: InGaMe Lab has been involved in a successful application to the EU Interreg IVA program. The project will contribute to the further development of the game development industry in the local region. InGaMe Lab will employ a PhD student who will develop methodology support for game development, in particular serious games development. Press release (in Danish)

2011-05-20: Student project Rum & Frukost has been nominated for the Swedish Game Awards 2011 in the category Best Serious Game. Follow on: 

2011-05-17: InGaMe Lab has been invited to present research on serious games at the e-virtuoses 2011 conference in Valenciennes, France.

2011-03-09: Högskolan i Skövde (InGaMe Lab) has been awarded 1,5 million SEK from KK-stiftelsen to analyse the potential and future needs for competence development for the Swedish computer game industry. The project will be carried out in cooperation with Gothia Science Park and Spelplan ASDG (Association for Swedish Game Developers). More information (in Swedish).

2011-01-31: Aftonbladet visited InGaMe Lab to carry out tests in our driving simulator. View movie and read more.

2011-01-17: Jana Rambusch (PhD student active in InGaMe Lab) defends her thesis 2011-01-28. Portalen Skövde. 

2011-01-17: InGaMe Lab co-arranges Trafiksäkerhetsforum with Gothia Science Park and Länsförsäkringsbolagens Forskningsfond at Portalen, Skövde. 2011-01-18 - 19

2010-11-09: InGaMe Lab welcomes Ernest Adams to Skövde in December. Ernest will give a series of game design workshops from December 6-8.

2010-10-18: InGaMe Lab has launched a KK-Pilot project (financed by KK-stiftelsen) to analyse the need for education on advanced level within computer game development.

2010-09-13: During fall 2010 InGaMe Lab will give a Phd course in serious games on behalf of SweCog.

2010-06-16: Testament the game winner of Swedish Game Awards, serious game.

2010-06-16: InGaMe Lab invited to give a series of seminars om serious games and game based learning at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

2010-05-19: Testament the game ( is presented in Kyrkans Tidning (The newspaper of the Church of Sweden, article in Swedish).

2010-04-23: A team of students from University of Skövde won the Scandinavian final of Dare to be digital ( There were 5 Scandinavian teams participating in the final organized by NITH in Oslo ( The judges (Brent Ellison from Funcom, Jonas Lind from IO Interactive and  Aleksander Grøndal from EA DICE) selected the team "That Game Studio" from Skövde consisting of four students: Linus Nordgren , Annette Nielsen, Jocce Marklund and Marcus Heder. The prize is a stay at University of Abertay in Dundee to participate in the international competition of Dare to be digital this summer. View the press release from NITH (in Norwegian)

2010-01-12: InGaMe Lab will present research results and experiences from working with serious games in applied projects at Den Norske Dataföreningens (The Norwegian Computer Society) seminar on software and game development. The seminar will be held in Oslo on February 9th. Please find out more on Den Norske Dataforening.

2009-11-20: InGaMe Lab will present research and applications of serious games as an invited speaker at the E-Virtuoses 2009 in Lille, France. We will present our work on game-based training and games for rehabilitation.

2009-07-27: The project Language Lab: Memorizing the Kanji - The Game has received funding from Vinnova. Learning the Kanji is a difficult process to master the 2000 - 3000 signs needed to be literate. This project aims to develop a web-based game which will aid the learning process. The project is coordinated by Tobias Sehlberg who also invented the underlying teaching method. InGaMe Lab will work together with Tobias and other experts to build and evaluate a working prototype.

2009-06-11: InGaMe Lab will present research and applications of serious games as an invited speaker at a seminar organised by Volvo Information Technology in Gothenburg on June 26.

2009-06-11: InGaMe Lab and Game Culture and Technology Laboratory organised a workshop on serious games and open source in conjunction to the OSS 2009 conference in Skövde.

2009-05-20: InGaMe Lab researchers doing live fire fighter training at MSB Sandö College. View movie here. The InGaMe Lab project team has been working on a project about game based training in cooperation with MSB since January 2009. 

2009-05-11: InGaMe Lab announces a PhD student position in cooperation with Campus Alfred Nobel and Swedish Land Warefare Centre.

2009-01-09: InGaMe Lab organises a seminar on traffic safety for Motormännen Skaraborg.

2009-01-09: InGaMe Lab invited speaker at Transportforum 2009.

2008-11-27: InGaMe Lab hosted a workshop on Nordic/Russian cooperation (25-26/11) with participants from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and University of St. Petersburg. Work will continue in subsequent workshops in Finland and Russia.

2008-11-25: InGaMe Lab invited speaker at the European 4-screens festival in Paris.

2008-10-21: Den 24/11bjuder Länsförsäkringar Skaraborg och Forskning & Framtid in till ett trafiksäkerhetsseminarium på Högskolan i Skövde. Se hela inbjudan och information om anmälan. Seminariet pågår kl 14-17 i sal D 105.

2008-10-21: InGaMe Lab has received funding (2,4 MSEK)from the Swedish Rescue Services Agency for a three year project. The project aims to develop and evaluate demonstrators and a pedagogical model for game-based training.

2008-06-20: Pieces Interactive and Sevenatus AB, game developers with their roots in University of Skövde, awarded 100 000 kr each from Sparbanksstiftelsen Alfa. Pieces Interactive is founded by former students at the university and Sevenatus AB is founded by researchers at the university. Read more (in Swedish).

2008-05-16: InGaMe Lab research is presented in Computer Sweden.

The SIDH simulator for breathing apparatus entry is in use at Swedish Rescue Services Agency in Skövde. View movie clip.

The serious games study programme is now on-line for enrolment (SG Master). For information in English, please contact Per Backlund (

InGaMe Lab and University of Skövde launches the first Swedish master (magister) in serious games. The new 1-year study programme is planned to start in autumn 2008. For more information about content and enrolment, please contact Mikael Johannesson (

InGaMe Lab and students from University of Skövde are working together with Västra Götalandsregionen and Västarvet. The game: Det Goda Livet was launched on January 17. View trailer.

InGaMe Lab at Serious Games Sessions Europe. View our presentation from the Serious Games Session Europe.

InGaMe Lab research has gained interest in media. Please view the following links (in Swedish)

InGaMe Lab has developed a game based firefighter simulator. This work is carried out in the EU District project Serious Games Cluster and Business Network. Watch the SIDH movie. (4 Mb version