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InGaMe Lab runs a number of projects, primarily within the field of serious games. Please follow the links to the left for more detailed information.

Welcome to the project back log of InGaMe Lab. It is meant to provide a quick overview ot the type of projects we are typically involved in. If you want more information about our projects please contact Per Backlund or the contact person for the specific project you are interested in.

Ongoing projects

  • Spel som etableringsverktyg is a feasibility study, financed by the Swedish ESF Council,  which aims to investigate the potential of using young unemployed persons interest in computer games as a means of getting them to finalize their studies or to motivate them to try to find a job. Detailed information can be found on the project website (in Swedish).
  • Sim2020: InGaMe Lab is developing one of the demonstrators within the project. We focus our work on IT in healthcare where we work togeether with the regional ambulance unit to develop technologies and methods for game-based training. The demonstrator is located at the ambulance station and one of our main goals with this project is to show how our research can make an actual difference in our partner's organisation. For more infromation, contact Per Backlund and look at the Sim2020 web page
  • Game Hub Scandinavia: Right now, the games industry experiences impressing growth rates, and nothing indicates a change. Therefore, Game Hub Scandinavia will ensure that the games industry becomes one of the main sources of income for the program area. The project will reach this goal by the establishment of strong growth incubators securing survival for the new game companies, and by means of research into diversification, thus providing new knowledge as to how the games industry can penetrate into new markets. The project will strengthen the future position of the games industry by enhanced focus on entrepreneurship in the games educations and by creating an eco-system where researchers, incubators and the game business cooperates to strengthen the Scandinavian position. For further information, please contact Per Backlund and look at the project web site.

  • SAREK: The pre-hospital process is a complex one involving aspects such as medical skills as well as care taking, team performance, inter-organizational cooperation and communication. This calls for novel training methods and technology support. The SAREK project explores the overall complexity of the pre-hospital process by taking all of the aspects into account when designing scenarios and technology support for training the complete pre-hospital process (covering alarm, on-scene activities, transportation and hand-over). The SAREK project is carried out in cooperation between University of Skövde, University of Borås and the ambulance services at Skaraborgs sjukhus. Funded by Region Västra Götaland. For further information, contact Per Backlund. Also have a look at the trailer about this project (in Swedish).
  • Individual thesis projects: At the moment we have two individual thesis projects running. Find out more about our thesis projects by following the links to the right.

Past Projects

  • Inclusive Game Design: A lot of video games on the market are inaccessible to players with visual impairments because they rely heavily on use of graphical elements. The Inclusive Game Design Project aims at developing games for smart phones and tablets that is equally functional and enjoyable by blind and sighted players. This is different from traditional accessibility efforts that are primarily focused on providing access to a given functionality. The aim with this project is to explore how game design can be used to provide visually impaired players with the same experience as others. This project is funded by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority and is a collaboration between InGaMe Lab and the Media, Technology and Culture research group. For more information, contact Henrik Engström
  • Scandinavian Game Developers is financed by the EU Interreg program. We work togheter with Danish partners to analyze the Scandinavian market for game developers and to develop incubators and development methods to support emerging studios. For more information, contact Per Backlund.Project website:
  • EduGame Lab is financed by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. The purpose of the project is to investigate the use of educational games in formal and informal learning situations and to develop methods to analyze the quality of educational games. For more information, contact Per Backlund (
  • Spelbaserad Träning för Insatsutbildning (New approaches for game based training): This 3-year project, finansed by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, started in January 2009. The project will investigate how games and game technology can be utilized for training and education of rescue services personnel. The project evaluates the usage of game based training in rescue services education. The aim is to develop a set of best practices for game based training. The project will develop working prototypes as well as a pedagogical method for game based training. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. For mor information, please contact Per Backlund (
  • Games for rehabilitation: The project aims to explore the potential of serious games to stroke rehabilitation. The project is carried out in cooperation with Skaraborgs Sjukhus. For more information, please contact Henrik Engström (
  • Testament is a game based on stories from the Bible. The game has been developed by students at the University of Skövde with the Church of Sweden as their client. View trailer on Please contact Fredrik Andreasson for more information.
  • Language Lab: Memorizing the Kanji - the Game is a collaborative project coordinated by Tobias Sehlberg. InGaMe Lab is involved in design and production of a web-based game. The project started in August 2009 and will run for 1 year. For mor information, please contact Per Backlund (
  • Serious Leap is a collaborative project with Gothia Science Park Project Arena, the logistics research group, the information systems research group, Volvo Information Technology, Skaraborgs sjukhus and Ludocity. The project aims to develop and test a game about lean production. Serious Leap was finished in June 2008 and resulted in a working prototype which can be downloaded from Ludocity's website.
  • Det Goda Livet: Student project about sustainable development in cooperation with Västra Götalandsregionen and Västarvet. For more information, please contact Erik Svedäng (
  • Sp&Ts: The project investigates the relationhips between games and traffic safety. The project has developed and evaluated a game for an advanced game environment in the form of a driving simulator. For further information, please contact Per Backlund (
  • Serious Games Cluster and Business Network: The project is finansed by EU. We aim to analyse the field of serious games and develop demonstrators in order to advance the field. For further information, please contact Per Backlund (
  • In the Maze investigates the spatial affordances of sound. The project has developed a maze game prototype with sound stimuli which has been tested in a series of experiments. For further information, please contact Ulf Wilhelmsson (