Game based training for rescue services training

This 3-year project financed by MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Services) started in January 2009.

Our aim is to develop demonstrators of game based training along with a pedagogical model for using games in rescue services training. We refer to this as serious games. Today, serious games are becoming more and more popular within a wide range of sectors. Some examples are: training, education, policy making, marketing and rehabilitation. The term itself is fairly well established, but there is no current single definition of the concept. In our work we define serious games as games that engage the user, and contribute to the achievement of a defined purpose other than pure entertainment (whether or not the user is consciously aware of it). A game’s purpose may be formulated by the game’s designer or by the user her/himself. The desired purpose, i.e. a serious game, can be achieved through a spectrum ranging from the mere utilization of game technology for non-entertainment purposes to development of specifically designed games for some non-entertainment purpose or the use and/or adaptation of commercial games for non-entertainment purposes, which means that also a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) game, used for non-entertainment purposes, may be considered a serious game. We also propose that any combination of the above would constitute a feasible way to achieve the desired effect.

In the game-based training project we will study how serious games can be used as a pedagogical instrument in rescue services training. By doing this we will contribute to the improved utilization of games and simulators within MSB training activities.

The project aims to:

  • Study how serious games can be used to improve training and education.
  • Analyse how computer game technology can be used to construct training simulators

We aim for the following concrete results:

  • Develop a demonstrator of a serious game for rescue services training
  • Develop a pedagogical model for using serious games


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