Karlsborg Fortress Adventure

Karlsborg Fortress Adventure is a project with the main partners University of Skövde and Karlsborgs Tourism AB. The goal is to develop a computer game to be used in the adventure tour on Karsborg fortress "The Hunt for the Swedish Gold Reserve". University of Skövde is developing the game on behalf of Karlsborgs Tourism. The project is funded by Karlsborgs Turism. During the summer of 2011, the first version of the game will be available in Karlsborg.

The computer game will be a major part of the adventure tour and will be based on historically accurate locations and persons. The storyline will be partly fictional but based on myths and legends surrounding the fortress, and also events that could have happened with regards to the time period and location. This freedom makes it possible to create interesting and engaging game content that can be used to raise the interest around the fortress as an historical site. The game uses custom built alternative control methods with physical interaction in focus and a spherical visualization device, the Jdome, to offer a gaming experience beyond the ordinary.

The project is linked to the computer game development programs at the University of Skövde, which provides the students with opportunities to work with a large-scale project. The project also ties in with many of InGaMe Lab's previous projects, for example experiences regarding alternative control methods and visualization techniques.

As the video game project is linked to the adventure tour and the fortress as a whole, there are opportunities for related projects. Examples of projects carried out by students at bachelor and master level are Web and mobile applications focusing on Karlsborg Fortress, experimenting with augmented reality, alternate reality games and location based gaming.

Karlsborg Fortress Adventure