Serious Games and Business Network

This project incorporates the development of an EU Interactive Learning Media Network able to steer regional policy within this area and disseminate innovation across EU States. The term Interactive Media incorporates e-Learning and serious games, these refer to the successful exploitation of video games technology across non-entertainment sectors – these products retain the engaging, interactive, 3D multimedia environment although are tailored toward education, training, simulation, military, healthcare and retail.

Serious Games are a new and emerging industry in Europe. A distinguishing feature of this industry is that it contains a large number of SMEs, focused on traditional computer games development as well as development of simulation environments. One of the main goals of the project is that the participating regions shall become the nationally and internationally leading regions for this new industry.

The task of University of Skövde

The of University of Skövde is to lead the project and take full responsibility in project management. This task includes providing all parts in the Serious Games Network and Business Cluster with information regarding to new technology, methods that the transregional partnership develops and a University network database of expertise.

Skövde will during 2006 gather background information on the international competence, structure and status of Serious Gaming, including potential development areas. This information will then be disseminated to the partners. During 2007 this information will be shared with the surrounding society, including SMEs and other companies interested in the area in a series of seminars and meetings.

In addition to this, the University of Skövde will also develop a demonstrator for edutainment and training.

The task of University of Coventry

Coventry´s task within this transregional partnership is to develop a demonstrator and making sure to provide the Serious Games Network and Business Cluster with methods, new technology and results of their work. Exchange of the above mentioned tasks is one of the key notes for progress in the partnership.

Main goals of the project

  • Serious games best practise exchanges between two EU Universities
  • University network database of expertise established
  • Workshops/ seminars undertaken
  • Virtual tools established
  • Educational visits (utilising Serious games)
  • National and international recognition for the regions as leading regions within the area