Inclusive game design

The project’s aim is to develop a framework for inclusive video game design.

In this first exploratory study we are developing two games for smartphones and tablets that include players with visual impairments. The first game is a point-and-click adventure with audio design and interaction design that aims at being enjoyable for sighted as well as blind players. The second game is a multiplayer platform game where one player gets visual information and the other gets only audio information.

The most important aspect of this project is to make games for all, rather than being specifically developed for people with visual impairments. We believe it to be very important to be able to share the gaming experience with friends and family. During the project, we hope to identify key aspects of inclusive game design, to share with the game development community, to encourage more games targeting a larger audience.



The project in short

Full name of project:
Inclusive game design

2014-01-01 – 2015-06-30

Financed by:
University of Skövde and The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority

Researchers related to the current project

Henrik Engström, Senior Lecturer in Informatics – research manager

Per Anders Östblad, Lecturer in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration – project manager

Jenny Brusk, Senior Lecturer in Informatics

Ulf Wilhelmsson, Senior Lecturer/ Head of Division

Per Backlund, Associate Professor in Informatics

Arslan Tursic, Lecturer in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration