Narrative arts

Narrative Arts looks at a variety of media technologies to examine cultural production in historical as well as contemporary perspective. Focusing on interfaces between society and culture, humans and machines and producer and user, the research brings into play a broad range of media forms and ways of narrating, from traditional news media and cinema to game engines and interactive storytelling. A key idea in the work of the group is the belief that human interaction with media technologies affects our understanding of identity, history, social relations and ideology. In our work, narratives and meanings mediated through old and new technologies are approached from three research perspectives: analytical theory, media representation and production of culture. Within the framework of analytical theory, we investigate various philosophical thinkers and the affect of their writings on media machines; for example, the usefulness of Karl Marx's ideas when approaching moving images or the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Swedish academic discourses. The aim is to look at how aesthetics and taste, formed in relation to different uses of media technologies, are studied, discussed and analysed, in order to deepen our understanding of cultural production.