Operational Decision Support

Explosive data traffic growth poses a challenge to telecommunication networks and has led to the future vision of an autonomous ICT system that, in support of a multitude of services, is able to orchestrate resources across several resource domains. However, it is a common experience, that such automation of processes, especially when they previously have been under direct operator control, are often met by resistance.

General description of the project

In our research project for operational decision support, which is part of the KK-funded project Big Data Fusion (BISON) at the university of Skövde, together with our partner company Huawei, we address the research question of how big data fusion and predictive modeling can be utilized to establish transparency in decision support and thereby convey the necessary understanding of the process for the operator to trust the autonomous system.

Knowledge from the areas of information fusion, artificial intelligence, cognitive modeling and visual analytics, as well, as big data analysis will be utilized to build methods and techniques that will convey the necessary understanding of the current internal situation and processes of the telecommunication network to the responsible operational staff and thereby provide the operator with the situation awareness necessary for adequate human-machine interaction.


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The project in short

Fully name of project:
Operational Decision Support

October 1st 2015 – September 30th 2019

Financed by:
Swedish Knowledge Foundation

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Researchers related to the current project

H. Joe Steinhauer, Ph.D.

Gunnar Mathiason, Ph.D.

Tove Helldin, Ph.D.

Alexander Karlsson, Ph. D.