Information and Data Science (IDS)

The project Information and Data Science (IDS) focuses on developing and evaluating methods for advanced data analysis for various types of data such as measurement- and text data.

More specifically, the project focuses on methods for identifying different types of patterns in the data, e.g., clusters, and capture how these patterns evolve over time. Methods from the research area of deep learning and different types of statistical methods will be studied. The project has two main scenarios for evaluation: (1) trend analysis based on text data, and (2) analysis of data in the area of "sports analytics", more specifically data collected from golf swings. Within the project we will also explore different methods to visually explore the identified patterns from the data. 

The figure shows identified patterns in the data in the form of clusters

The figure shows identified patterns in the data in the form of clusters

Project leader

The project in short

Fully name of project:
Information and Data Science

2016-09-01 – 2018-07-31

Financed by:
Region Västra Götaland, University of Skövde

Collaborating partners/Partnership:
University of Borås

Researchers related to the current project

Alexander Karlsson, PhD (University of Skövde)

Maria Riveiro, PhD (University of Skövde)

Joe Steinhauer, PhD (University of Skövde)

Nikolas Huhnstock, PhD-student (University of Skövde)

Mikael Lebram, Research engineer (University of Skövde)