Human-machine interaction for distributed decision-making

The project will study distributed decision-making for advanced decision support for tactical air unit cooperation in future aircraft platforms with focus on:

  • Human-machine interaction (HMI: How should distributed decision support be interacted with and displayed? What information will be distributed over platforms and how should that be displayed and controlled? Sharing of displayed information?
  • Tactical support with situation analysi: How should threats be analyzed, based on parameters such as proximity, kinematics, identity and ability to act? Based on situation analysis, suggest ownship and group actions regarding maneuvering and the use of sensors. How should information de distributed within a tactical air unit to optimize situation analysis?

The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) is funding the project with 7.3 million SEK over 4 years within the National Avionics Research Program (research grant NFFP6-2013-01201). Aeronautics (Saab AB) provides an equal amount and the University of Skövde provides another 1 million SEK, with a total funding of 15.5 million SEK during 2013–2017.

Saab AB         VINNOVA


Project leader

The project in short 

Fully name of project:
HMI for Distributed Decision-Making

2013–2018 (2013-06-01–2018-06-30)

Financed by:
Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA)

Collaborating partners/Partnership:
Aeronautics, Saab AB

Researchers related to the current project

Göran Falkman, associate professor of computer science

Tove Helldin, senior lecturer in computer science

Maria Riveiro, associate professor of computer science

Jens Alfredson, project coordinator (Aeronautics, Saab AB)

Johan Holmberg, (Aeronautics, Saab AB)

Per-Johan Nordlund, (Aeronautics, Saab AB)

Ulrika Ohlander, industrial PhD student in informatics (HS/Aeronautics, Saab AB)

Previously also:

Anders Dahlbom, senior lecturer in computer science, now at Advectas AB

Tina Erlandsson, adjunct senior lecturer in informatics, now at Aeronautics, Saab AB