Open Standards discussed in the Swedish Parliament

Open Standards were discussed during a seminar in the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm on 18 March 2015. The seminar was hosted by Ulrica Carlsson and Monica Green, two members of the Swedish Parliament. Researchers and practitioners from companies and the public sector participated in a panel which stimulated discussions that involved participants a number of different organisations.For further details (in Swedish), see

The seminar was recognised by in a Joinup news article published by the European Commission on 12 March 2015 ( Further, the seminar on open standards was recognised on 22 March 2015 by the newspaper Skövde Nyheter in an article (in Swedish):

A report from the seminar is available:
Lundell, B. (2015) Rapport från öppet seminarium om öppna standarder i Riksdagen, Skövde University Studies in Informatics, ISSN 1653-2325; 2015:2, ISBN: 978-91-978513-7-4, 18p.