Open seminar with the LIM-IT project

Welcome to an open seminar featuring a presentation by Andrew Katz with the title "Legal and licensing issues currently impacting on effective governance and organisation of open source projects ('IT Governance 2.0')?".

Date: Wednesday 10 May 2017 (09:30-12:00)
Venue: Insikten (in building Portalen, ground floor), University of Skövde
Registration: The number of seats is limited. Registration in advance is required. Please register for this event by sending an email with subject "Open Seminar" containing your name and affiliation to this email address by latest 2 May.

09:30-10:00: Walk-in networking and LIM-IT exhibition (informal networking and gathering)

10:00-10:15: Welcome and introduction to the LIM-IT project (Björn Lundell) [ Slides ]

10:15-11:15: Presentation by Andrew Katz: "Legal and licensing issues currently impacting on effective governance and organisation of open source projects ('IT Governance 2.0')?" (open seminar, all welcome) [ Slides ]

11:15-12:00: Q&A related to the presentation by Andrew Katz, followed by LIM-IT exhibition and networking

Abstract for presentation by Andrew Katz:
As open source projects become key (and in many cases central) to companies’ business objectives, companies must address the whole of the software lifecycle, from inception, licence selection, interaction with existing projects, compliance with licences and standards, both short- and long-term maintenance and avoidance of lock in.

In this talk, Andrew Katz will cover current issues which are being addressed by these companies, with particular reference to governance and community engagement, the interaction between licences and community norms, which internal projects may be better suited to an open-source approach, and the importance of planning the software lifecycle, including considering the end-users' requirements (in both the private and public sectors).

Andrew Katz is a UK-based lawyer specialising in FOSS and open content.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Andrew Katz was a developer and has released software under the GPL. He advises individuals, corporations, foundations and public sector organisations on FOSS law issues, and is a visiting researcher at the University of Skövde, Sweden, and visiting lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London. He is a founder editor of the Free and Open Source Software Law Review. He is a director of Public Software CIC.

Björn Lundell (bjorn.lundell [at], University of Skövde

Further information about the LIM-IT project can be found here.

              Andrew Katz