Cloud and Internet Services with Open Source Software for SMEs (CISOSS) is an ERASMUS+ project involving a number of European partners including University of Skövde.

The aim of CISOSS is to establish a training programme involving use of open source technologies that allows students that follow this training to solve not only the needs identified in SMEs and other businesses and local organisations but also those in the European scope, agreeing the different phases of the project with two transnational partners, thereby increasing employment opportunities for unemployed students involved in the project.

Once the training programme and used methodology have been established, all partners will proceed with the creation of content and a methodological guide in English (the language of the project). Later the project will proceed to the training of trainers from several countries through an online platform containing all the content, which will be released with input from partners and trainers and advice from the creators of documentation. The final product will be published under Creative Commons license (Attribution).

Coordinator at University of Skövde: Björn Lundell

For more information, please refer to the official web page at the European Commission.