FOSS4SMEs – Free and Open Source Software for SMEs

The FOSS4SMEs is a two years (2017-2019) collaborative Erasmus+ project involving Atlantis Engineering, Open Forum Europe, University of Skövde, DLEARN and the Dublin Institute of Technology, which aims at bringing education on free and open source software to small- and midsize enterprises.

FOSS4SMEs aims to equip European SMEs with the skills and competences to properly use free and open source software, so to improve their digital performance and competitiveness. To reach this objective, the project intends to develop a free online educational resource for managers and staff of SMEs, to allow them to benefit from the open software digital transformation.

The Software Systems Research Group at University of Skövde brings expertise on different aspects of open source into the project and contributes to the development of the educational resource and conduct of all project activities.

For further information, see the official project website.

Coordinator at University of Skövde: Björn Lundell