VS-Games 2015

Welcome to the Seventh International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications: VS-Games 2015, in Skövde, Sweden. Conference dates: 16th to 18th of September, 2015.

VS-Games 2015 aims to meet the challenges of the cross-disciplinary community that work around non-leisure applications of games and game technologies by bringing the community together to share case studies of practice, to present virtual world infrastructure developments, as well as new frameworks, methodologies and theories relevant to our community. As the field has been growing there are more and more reports (scientific as well as more anecdotal) about the use and usefulness of serious games. As a result there is a clear need to consider new frameworks, theories, methods and design strategies for making serious games and virtual world technologies more effective and useful. We anticipate stronger links between the entertainment games industry and the serious games and virtual world communities in the forthcoming years. To what extent have features from entertainment games influenced serious games and how can they be more effectively utilised to reach non-leisure goals?


  • August 26: Correction of programme (Raph Koster's keynote starts at 13.00)
  • August 14: Conference programme available
  • We are happy to announce that the Journal of Computing in Higher Education will publish special issue with selected papers invited from VS-Games.
  • We are happy to announce that authors of selected papers will be invited to send an extended version of the paper to The Visual Computer.


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