Call for papers

We invite researchers, developers, practitioners and decision-makers working with or applying serious games in their communities to present papers in the following main streams of the conference: games and virtual world applications for non-leisure purposes.

The conference will explore games and virtual worlds in relation to:

  • Applications (e.g. case studies, exemplars, practice examples) illustrating the practical usefulness and impact of serious games and virtual worlds
  • Applications of entertainment games technologies and solutions in non-leisure contexts
  • Methodologies, theories and frameworks (e.g. participatory design methods, mixed methodologies for data collection and analysis, cross-disciplinary methods)
  • Evaluation approaches and studies

The emergences of non-entertainment uses of games, games technologies and virtual world applications have been swift and dramatic over the last years. This means that compared to more established disciplines, there has been little time to develop the theoretical and academic rigour in this emerging field. This problem has been exacerbated by the largely technological drive of developments, with often little time to consider more user-centred approaches to design and use of serious applications of games and virtual world technologies. Another factor affecting the field has been the convergence between new technologies, for example AI applications, augmented reality, mobile technologies, GPS technologies, sensor technologies and social networking software. In particular, the influences from the entertainment games industry are expected to become increasingly important and so is the cooperation between entertainment game developers and representatives from other areas if we wish to enhance technology transfer. There are numerous challenges when transferring technologies and solutions to new application areas.

The use of serious games in, for example, education and training activities pose challenges that present considerable scope for collaborative and multi-disciplinary research solutions, as well as opportunities for innovative development. Furthermore, we see that our community is continuously transforming as new technologies and applications emerge such as, for example, location based technologies and the growing trend of gamification. Along with these new trends we also see a number of reports (both scientific and other) about the use and usefulness of serious games and gamification. Yet, the practical uptake and impact is still under debate. We find the exploration of the practical uptake and use as a new and emerging challenge for our community.

We anticipate stronger links between the entertainment games industry and the serious games and virtual world communities in the forthcoming years. The promise of serious games is still to be further explored with respect to its practical impact and uptake. To what extent have features from entertainment games influenced serious games and virtual worlds and how can they be more effectively utilised to reach non-leisure goals? Which are the main challenges we are facing?

We are seeking contributions that advance the state of the art in the technologies available to support sustainability and practical usefulness of serious games. In particular we are interested in exploring the practical uptake of serious games in various contexts, such as environment, military, cultural heritage, health, smart buildings, v-commerce, training, learning and education. Topics of interest (please note that the list is not exhausitve by any means):

  • Game design
  • Animation for serious games and virtual worlds
  • AI applications for serious games
  • Serious games methodologies
  • User-modelling in serious games
  • Pervasive gaming
  • Interactivity issues
  • Alternate reality games
  • Virtual environments
  • Augmented reality
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Mobile games
  • Education and learning
  • Multimedia gaming
  • Case studies in serious games and virtual worlds
  • Gamification

Call of papers


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