Venue and travel

VS-Games 2015 is hosted by University of Skövde.

Conference venue

University of Skövde, Portalen (the Portalen building is located on the university campus, Building 8 on the map).

The University of Skövde is a small and modern university that offers first-class programmes and competitive research, which attract scientists and students from all over the world. The University of Skövde is one of the most specialized universities in Sweden and our research is focused on the development and use of advanced information technology systems and models. We want to find smart solutions for the future. In particular, University of Skövde has a specialization in computer games and computer games development. This is manifested by the fact that we are the fourth biggest concentration of computer games activities in Sweden (after the Stockholm region, Gothenburg and the Malmö/Öresund region). We find this to be a very strong position given our size; 52.000 inhabitants in the municipality and some 4500 students at the university, of which a total of 500 are engaged in computer games and computer game development in some way. Counting students, companies and researchers/teachers there is a total of 660 people active in computer game related activities in Skövde.


Skövde is a rather small municipality which means that the conference venue is easily accessible from all locations. As an example, the campus is within walking distance from the city center where most hotels are located as well as from the central train station (number 6 on the map). Skövde is located in Region Västra Götaland in the south west of Sweden. The distance from Göteborg (Landvetter international airport and Göteborg City airport) is approximately 150 kilometers, 1 hour by train. The distance from Stockholm (Arlanda international airport) is approximately 300 kilometers, 2 hours by train. The trains from Stockholm and Göteborg are frequent as Skövde is located on the main western train line. Skövde is located in the region of Skaraborg and is considered to be the hub of the region. More than 11000 people commute daily here for work. The local travel centre has more than 200 regional busses and trains passing through daily.

Accomodation and information for visitors

There are a number of hotels and hostels located near the conference venue: Please view Skövde tourism and visits for booking information.

Högskolan i Skövde


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