Change of Name and Address

Change Your Temporary Address

All correspondence from the University will be sent to your address on record. If you are a new student, please check your name and address in Studentportalen (login demanded) and change your temporary address if necessary. If you have problems changing your address or if your name is misspelled, please contact the Student Affairs Office.

The Mecenat card will only be sent out if you have a Swedish address, so be sure to update your address as soon as possible.

Change of Address

If you have registered with the Swedish Population Registry, any changes to your address should be made to the Swedish Tax Agency through

Once a week, the university administration system (LADOK) is updated against the Swedish Population Registry. Registered students, with Swedish ID numbers, do not have to inform the University of any changes made to their name or address if the change has been made to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Change to Swedish civic registration number (personnummer)

If you have received a Swedish civic registration number from the tax office, you have to inform us about it in order to get a change in our systems. Bring a copy of a birth certificate from the tax office with your civic registration number on it to Student Affairs, or scan it and send it by mail to


E-mail from the University will be sent to your student e-mail ( Information, reminders for exam sign-up and notification of grades are sent to this address. You can access your e-mail through


Student Affairs Office

Contact information and visiting hours.

If you need a Transcript of Records or Certificate of Registration, order through

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Monday - Friday 10:00-12:30

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We will try to respond to your e-mail within two working days.
Please mention your full name and your birth date for smoother service.

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