The Student Union

As a student at the University of Skövde it is beneficial to also be a member of the Student Union. By being a member with us, you get the strength of an entire organisation at your back, to help you with the issues that are important to you. You should never need to go around and be unhappy with your studies - we will help you improve your situation today!

Your education is one of the largest and most important investments you will make in your life. It is therefore important not to take anything for granted and to be happy with what you receive; you should always be critical and want to get the most out of your studies. This is where the Student Union comes into play. We are the only independent organisation that regularly monitors that the investment you make pays off in the long run and is of the highest quality.

Our basic opinion is that students are a valuable resource that need to be invested in, taken care of and supported. No matter how you look at it, us students are the future of our respective countries! We always carry this opinion with us, both in our work with the university and in the national work carried out with other Swedish student unions.

Student life is more than studies

Your life as a student should not just be about the studies you are pursuing. We think it is equally important that there are fun and rewarding activities for students in their free time. It is also important that you have good homes to live in and a community that supports you in your studies, both financially and by ensuring that there are good living conditions.

We are therefore involved in the supervision of your housing quality, negotiations regarding your rents, and organising of activities, discounts, parties, exhibitions and other types of events. All for you to feel that student life is rewarding and fun, despite the fact that you may not have excessive funds. There are also several associations, which ensure that you can pursue your interests during your studies, among other things for sports, video games, theatre, music and more.

The Student Union House - Boulogner

The Student Union House is a natural meeting place for students in Skövde. The century-old building has previously been both a café and a health resort. Today it is operated and managed by a part of the Student Union that is called Skövde Sexmästeri. They host pub and club activities each week. Beside regular parties, it is common for seatings, theme parties, lectures, seminars and so on to be organised on the premises.

Student Union Sections

As a student at the university, you know better than most what needs to be done in order to create the best possible education and learning environment, and to discover what problems there may be in your surroundings. This is where our sections come in, and why it is extremely important that students from all fields are involved in the work that their respective sections perform. The sections are our eyes and ears on campus. By knowing about the courses you are studying, they can answer many questions you have, give you tips, and solve many of the problems that might arise during your studies.

The sections work with the schools to monitor and develop, in order to ensure that there are good conditions for studying and subsequent connections to the labour market. The sections also represent student opinions towards the schools, to make sure their voices are heard.

In addition to monitoring and development of different areas, a large part of section work consists of organising parties and other social activities both on and off campus, in the daytime as well as in the evening. This is done to ensure that students are provided with natural meeting places where they can get to know each other, have fun experiences together, and find new friends.

Membership in the Student Union

By becoming a member you give yourself not only basic security and a more rewarding time as a student, you also help to improve the situation for all students. As a member of the Student Union you can always affect what we are focusing on: what you think is important is also important to us!

NOTE! The Student Union is committed to improving the situation for students in general, but to get individual consultation and representation, it is necessary to be a member .

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