Coping and reporting

If the harassment does not stop after you have complained to the harasser, you should turn to your teachers, Department Head, Student Counsellor, the Student Union, or the Student Health Service.

It is important that the University is informed early about what has happened, so that the harassment/discrimination can stop as soon as possible.

The goal is always to swiftly and confidentially ensure that the harassment or discrimination stops. During any investigation, you as a student always have the right to a support person throughout the investigation.

What can you do?

If you as a student feel that someone has subjected you to harassment or discrimination, we urge you to actively try to do something about it.

You can find support in the following points.

  • Be clear! Confront the perpetrator at once. Leave no room for misunderstanding.
  • Remember that it is not your fault. If you find it difficult to protest verbally, write a letter.
  • Write what happened, so that it is easier for you to think it through and document it.
  • Tell someone you trust what happened.
  • If you need counselling and support, contact for example a teacher, Department Head or Study Counsellor, the Student Union or the Student Health Service.
  • Report what has happened if you consider the incident needs to be investigated in a more formal manner.

The University is obliged to investigate the circumstances surrounding the alleged harassment. The University or the person you have reported may not, under any circumstance, subject you to consequences for reporting harassment.

If you feel that you are subjected to harassment or discrimination, never hesitate to contact a University employee or the Student Union

Who can you turn to?

If you need advice or support on matters concerning harassment or discrimination at the University of Skövde, you can contact one of the following people:

  • Your Student Counsellor
  • Lecturer or The Head of the School
  • The Student Counsellor specialising in disability and equal treatment
  • The Student Health Service
  • The Student Union, e-mail
  • Your student safety officer, the Student Union website.

You can also turn direct to the ombudsman, the Equality Ombudsman.

Fellow student

Students at the University of Skövde have joint responsibility for the non-occurrence of discrimination and harassment. It is therefore important that you, as a fellow student, are attentive to what happens in your surroundings.

  • Be aware of your fellow students’ reactions.
  • Dare to ask if you wonder about an incident or how somebody is feeling.
  • Listen when someone wants to talk about what he or she feels. Take the time it needs.
  • Take the account of what happened seriously and look at it from the victim’s perspective.
  • For counselling or support, you can contact your Student Counsellor, the Student Union, the Student Health Service or a University employee.