Your rights

As a student or University applicant you are protected under the Discrimination Act. The purpose of the law is to prevent discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, sexual orientation and functional disability.

Equal treatment

The work for equal rights has its basis in The Discrimination Act (2008:567). The basis for the work for equal rights at the University of Skövde (University) is to promote equal rights and opportunity for all employees and students, regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnic origin, religion or belief, impairment, sexual orientation, or age. The Act states that any organisation must actively take measures to prevent discrimination and promote equal rights, by

  1. examining if there are any risks for discrimination or reprisals, or if there are other obstacles to a person's equal rights and opportunities in the organisation,
  2. analyse causes for risks and obstacles that have been identified,
  3. take preventative actions and promote measures that can reasonably be required, and
  4. follow up and evaluate the work in items 1 - 3 in the Guidelines of Equal Rights.

Furthermore, The Discrimination Act outlines what the active measures an education provider must take, such as

  1. student acceptance and recruiting procedures,
  2. teaching methods and organisation of the education,
  3. exams and evaluations of student performance,
  4. study environment, and,
  5. conditions for combining student life with parenthood.

The University is also inspected by the Equality Ombudsman, who monitor that the law is followed.

Degrading treatment

As a student, in addition to the protection of the Discrimination Act, you are also protected against degrading treatment. Degrading treatment is dealt with under the Work Environment Act and is defined as recurring negative actions targeting individual students. This can be for example when a student is systematically ignored, excluded, criticised and ridiculed in front of others, denied information and slandered.

All students have a right to a working environment free from degradation.