Student Health Service

You are welcome to contact the Student Health Services if you have any queries you would like to discuss with someone of a psychosocial nature.


You can contact the social counsellors for all forms of psychosocial support. If you have or get social, emotional or personal matters that bother you and that are connected to your study situation, you might discuss them with the social counsellor. Such matters may include, for instance:

  • stress
  • anexiety
  • mental illness
  • advice about medical or dental care

If your problem is related to areas other than those handled by us, we will provide you with information about where to turn instead. 

We have professional secrecy and visits are free of charge. The first counselling last for about half an hour.

We are located in building E, floor 2, together with the student counsellors.

You are welcome to make an appointment by phone or e-mail 

Please note!

If you are in need of medical treatment or would like to visit a nurse or doctor, please contact one of the Health Care Centres (Vårdcentral) available in Skövde. The psychiatric emergency office you can call at 0515-87600 24 hours a day.
You can contact us if you would like some more information on this matter.

Students at Campus on a summer day.



Social counsellor
Lena Wikström

Social counsellor
Susanne Söderberg