Do you want to be free of nicotine? We will help you to move on

Would you like some help in ridding yourself of your nicotine addiction? The Student Health Services at the University of Skövde will gladly help you to contact one of the national tobacco cessation support organizations available and we also offer a preliminary motivational interview to map out your motivation to become free of tobacco.

Motivational Interviewing 

If you want to stop using tobacco products you can contact one of the national tobacco cessation organizations available, for example Sluta-röka-linjen (quit smoking line).

The Student Health Services at the University of Skövde also offer a preliminary motivational session which is based on the MI-method (motivational interviewing) where an individual’s motivation to make changes is mapped out. The interview is completely free of charge and may be booked via

Did you know?

• 75 % of the smoke from a cigarette is emitted in to the surroundings.
• 73% of the population is suffering from passive smoking.
• 52 % of people become ill or develop an allergy when they are exposed to passive smoking.
• Passive smoking can cause both lung cancer and cardiac and vascular diseases.
* according to a study conducted by the Asthma and Allergy Association (Astma och Allergiförbundet) as well as information from

15 meter smoke free zone

At the University of Skövde a 15-meter smoke free zone is in effect in the vicinity of all of our entrances. In addition, it is prohibited to smoke indoors. The purpose of the smoke free zone is to reduce passive smoking. No employee or student should against their will be subjected to tobacco smoke at the University. Besides the purely bothersome and unhealthy aspects of being exposed to tobacco smoke there are also individuals with asthma and sensitive air pipes for whom tobacco smoke may lead to acute health conditions including breathing problems, worst case scenario.

Respect and Consideration

The University’s focus on the work and study environment is characterized by our core values and the mainstay of our basic public values where consideration and respect are crucial elements. To adhere to the no smoking policy is most assuredly something that is based on respect for one’s fellow human beings.




Social counsellor
Lena Wikström

Social counsellor
Susanne Söderberg