Medical and dental care

If you need medical treatment or want to visit a nurse or doctor, contact one of the Health Care Centres (Vårdcentral) available in Skövde. You can also visit a private doctor, if you need a medical examination to apply for a visa, or similar. There is also some information about dental care and insurance on this page.

You can contact whichever clinic/practice you prefer, but generally you should nominate as your clinic the  one closest to where you live. You can find telephone numbers and addresses below.

When you call the Health Care Center, you will reach an answering machine. They ask you to leave your phone number and then they call you back. The instructions are often only in Swedish, but if you wait for the signal/beep, you can record your phone number by saying it clearly in English. The answering machine will give you an approximate time (in Swedish) when someone will call you back to follow up on your message. You may get an appointment on the same day, or within a couple of days.

Telephone numbers and addresses:

Centrum, Praktikertjänst
Address: Stationsgatan 10, Skövde
Telephone: 0500-38 18 50, Monday-Friday 8.00-17.00

City, City Skövde
Address: Hertig Johans Torg 2, Skövde
Telephone: 0500-42 45 32, Monday-Friday 8.00-17.00

Lunden, Allemanshälsan
Address: Lundenvägen 4, Skövde
Telephone: 0500-78 99 90, Monday-Friday 8.00-17.00

Närhälsan Norrmalm
Address: Ekängsvägen 15, Skövde
Telephone: 0500-44 71 50, Monday-Friday 8.00-17.00 

Närhälsan Billingen
Address: Ekängsvägen 15, Skövde
Telephone: 0500-44 71 20, Monday- Friday 8.00-17.00

Närhälsan Södra Ryd
Address: Timmervägen 3, Skövde
Telephone: 0500-46 65 62, Monday-Friday 8.00-17.00
Telephone hour: Monday-Friday 7.30-16.45

Närhälsan Hentorp
Address: Gröna vägen 40 A, Skövde
Telephone: 0500-44 70 70, Monday-Friday 7.30-17.00

Health Care Hotline on phone number 1177

You can dial 1177 if you need any advice on medical issues or health care (for non-life threatening conditions). Read more about 1177 on their website.

Psychiatric emergency office - you can call them all night and day on phonenumber 0515-876 00.

In case of emergency, dial 112

During evenings, nights and weekends

If your Health Care Centre is closed, you should contact the Health Care Hotline on phone number 1177. They will help you to get in contact with a medical office that will meet your needs. They place you in a telephone queue and you have to wait for your turn.  

Närhälsan Skövde jourcentral
(when the District Health Care Centre is closed)
Ekängsvägen 15
Tel: 1177 (no area code) or 0500-47 80 76
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 17.00–22.00
Saturday – Sunday 11 .00–17.00 

Patient fees and papers

Here you can find more information about patient fees

For all visits to medical or dental care units, you need to bring a copy of your insurance policy and your passport for identification. If you are from an EU country or an EEA country, you must also bring the European Health Insurance Card or the E128 form. Non-European citizens have to pay the total cost for the doctor, which you will later receive in return from your insurance company (if you have appropriate insurance).  


It is important to have an insurance. You can find more information about insurance here.

Dental care and dentist

Before you contact a dentist, please read this information about dental care in Sweden.

You can contact a Public dental clinic or a private dentist.

Public dental clinic Trädgårdsgatan
Phone: 010-441 84 00
Address: Trädgårdsgatan 15 D, Skövde

Public dental clinic Södra Ryd
Phone: 010-441 72 20
Address:Timmervägen 1, Skövde

Private dentist, Hertig Johans Tandkompani
Phone: 0500-41 90 70
Address: Rådhusgatan 12, Skövde

Private dentist, Skövde Tandhälsa
Phone: 0500-41 64 00
Address: Gamla Kungsvägen 54, Skövde

Private dentist Charlotta Widerström, Skövde Tandhälsa
Phone: 0500-41 40 70
Address: Gamla Kungsvägen 54, Skövde

Private dentist Gunilla Sterud
Phone: 0500-41 61 11
Address: Käpplundavägen 14, Skövde

Private dentist Karl-Johan Österberg
Phone: 0500-41 88 75
Address: Gransikagatan 24, Skövde

Private dentist Stefan Widell
Phone: 0500-41 00 94
Address: Kungsgatan 18, Skövde




Social counsellor
Lena Wikström

Social counsellor
Susanne Söderberg