Application for exchange studies

Do you want to become an exchange student at one of our partner universities aorund the world? Here you will find all the relevant information!

When should you apply?

  • May 15: Deadline for the upcoming spring semester.
  • December 1: Deadline for the next fall semester and full-year spot.

Please leave your application at the Student Affair's Office on the second floor of the E building or e-mail your application to

New rules for students on one-year master's program and undergraduate students wishing to go autumn semester second year.

Students studying one-year master's program wishing to go abroad one or two semesters after their education, as well as the students where it is appropriate to study semester three, ie autumn semester second year, must apply for spare seats. The application opened on February 1. This is because the requirements are at least one completed semester at the University of Skövde. For additional requirements and selection criteria see below.

Where can you study?

Our partner universities can be found under this link: "Partner universities" 

Who can apply?

  • You must be registered for full-time studies (30 credits / semester) at the University of Skövde and have at least one semester of studies completed by the time you apply.  
  • You must have been registered for at least two consecutive semesters from application date to when you go aborad.
  • You must have passed at least 22.5 credits / semester in average at the University of Skövde. 
  • You need a minimum of 30 credits / semester to selected countries. See below for more information.
  • You should have good knowledge of the language used in the program at the host university.

How is the selection made?

The selection of students is based on credits in average per semester and the number of VG-point in percentage. Candidates are placed, according to the average credits / semester, in the group A-C. Ranking in the different groups is based on the number of VG-points in percent. The current semester is not being counted.

After students are ranked in the different groups, seats will be allocated in Group A, then Group B, and finally in group C. At the same results within each group, the students are selected by lottery.

1. Selection Criteria

  • The students' average score is calculated based on the total number of completed credits divided by the number of semesters that the student was enrolled at the University of Skövde. Completed points for the current term is not included in the average. Only credits from the University of Skövde can be included, exceptions are given to students who are admitted to the later part of the program (previous studies have credited).
  • The number of VG-points is based on the percentage of VG the applicants have managed to get in their courses in relation to the total number of completed credits at the University of Skövde. When calculating translates numerical grades 3 to grades G and 4 & 5 to VG. For stages where only the G rating may be given, 50% of the points are converted to points VG.

2. Ranking and specific rules within the groups A-C

Group A:
Students who have passed 30hp average / semester. Applicants with average of 30 credits equivalent to average of 30 credits, that is, all ports in Group A. Candidates in this group have the opportunity to be nominated for all the advertised exchange places.

The following countries/places are only available for students in group A in 2019/2020; USA, Canada, England, Switzerland and the University of Tübingen (Germany). These countries may be changed to the next call.

Group B:
Students who have passed 29,99-25hp in average / semester. Students have the opportunity to be nominated for all the remaining places. The locations to selected countries is only searchable by group A, the exception is given only when we have not distributed locations from Group A. In that case, it is possible for students in Group B to be nominated for these special places provided that students have at least 50% VG-points.

The following countries/places are only available for students in group A and B in 2019/2020; Hong Kong

Group C:
Students who have passed from 22.5 to 24, 99hp in average / semester have the opportunity to be nominated for all the remaining seats except the selected countries. 

Special conditions for nomination

  • Some exchange opportunities are connected to different subjects, for example within biology. This means that students who are studying within this field have priority access to these seats
  • Nominated students who accepts and later, for no particular reason, withdraw the application, will be ranked last in the their group if they later decides to apply again.

Notice of Nomination

When we processed your application you will receive a letter of nomination to the e-mail address you entered in your application. Within a week, you must accept to not lose your place so remember to check your e-mail. Remember that the nomination from us is not a formal admission. The formal admission made by the foreign university when you made your application to them. In connection with the nomination, you also get an invitation to the first of two mandatory information sessions.



Important information

The distribution of seats to some of our partner universities differs a little from year to year.