Erasmus+ traineeship

Erasmus+ traineeship supports traineeships (work placements, internships, etc.) abroad for students currently registered at the University of Skövde at bachelor’s and master’s levels as well as for doctoral candidates. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates.

There are three different ways of taking part of the scholarship for Erasmus+ traineeship, all of them requires that you are away for at least two whole months.  

1. Within your program, for example during your final project. 
2. During the summer break.
3. After your studies. 

Whatever option you choose it requires that you:

  • have not been on an Erasmus internship during the same level of education so that the total time is more than 12 months (360 days)
  • find an internship on your own, in one of the countries participating in the Erasmus agreement.
  • are registered at the University of Skövde.
  • have a purpose of obtaining a degree, if the internship is a part of your program.
  • will conduct internship full time according to the agreed placement plan, Learning Agreement for Traineeship, in a country and in an internship that is competent to stand as an internship host
  • If you go during the summer break or after your studies, you also have to fix an insurance 

Application process, step by step 

Before traineeship

  1. Check the prerequisites for the course within your field, if you want to do your traineeship during the thesis work. All the requirements must be fulfilled, and as a student you should be registered at the course.

    If you are a student within Molecular Biotechnology you and the supervisor should write a short project proposal (1-2 A4 pages) that should be submitted to the head of subject (at University of Skövde) who will check the level of the project and approve it. 

  2. Email your application for nomination and letter of invitation to

  3. Together with your programme director we make sure that the student´s traineeship works out well according to the course plan and that you as a student are ready for master thesis. SI scholarship holders should contact the SI and us since there are limitations. 
    We also check that the payment of the tuition fee is completed.

  4. The decision of nomination is sent to the student.

  5. Language test is distributed online for nominated students. 
    An online language course could be offered to improve language skills.

  6. A Learning Agreement is to be written and signed by the University of Skövde, receiving institution and student where structure, content and insurance should be checked. Following functions are involved in both institutions: programme director or course coordinator, international coordinator or administrative coordinator. 
    If required, a formal application form should be handed in to the receiving institution.

  7. Scholarship will be given provided that the tuition fee is paid and the student is registered for the course.

  8. Grant Agreement should be written and signed where information about bank account is included.

  9. Select and pay insurance. The University has no obligation to pay an insurance for you. Thus, at present the University of Skövde order and pay an insurance called STUDENT UT from Kammarkollegiet when you do the traineeship within your studies - if you do the traineeship over the summer or as a recent graduate we do not. We issue an insurance certificate and a Medical Insurance Card from Kammarkollegiet. All trainees are strongly recommended to take out liability and accident insurance cover on their own. 

  10. The student should hand in a registration form, in order to be registered at the University of Skövde.

In addition to this, the student should arrange residence permit in Sweden and in the host country, accommodation, private insurance, and also review their own finances because the scholarship will not cover all costs but function as a contribution.

Departure/During traineeship

  1. Departure: The student will hand in the Certificate of Arrival to us as soon as arrival and first day at traineeship.
  2. Payment of grants, 70% in one lump sum.
  3. Last day at traineeship: The student will hand in the Certificate of Departure to us to confirm last moment of traineeship.

After traineeship period

  1. Language test number two is distributed online.
  2. The student should fill in Erasmus evaluation form online, and send an email with a travel story to us at the University of Skövde.
  3. The remaining 30% of the scholarship will be awarded, alternatively that the amount of money will be adjusted by the number of days according to the specific dates of the Certificate of Arrival and the Certificate of Departure.



Documents for applications: