Financing and student aid

Here we have gathered different links that will lead you to different types of scholarships. Some are more general and others are more specific. Apply - it is worth it!

When you study abroad, you usually take your student aid with you. You can find more information at

The application for exchange is also an application for scholarship for Erasmus and Nordplus. The scholarship size varies from year to year and it also depends on which country you will study in when you go abroad. Scholarships can never be guaranteed but there are good chances. 

The University’s travel scholarship from year 1990
The University of Skövde have funded a travel scholarship (a travel grant), for a student who is studying at a undergraduate level here at the University of Skövde, and who have excelled in their studies, in particular. The scholarship is named “School travel scholarship from year 1990”.

Unfortunately the application is only in Swedish, so please contact for more information or surf in to the Swedish page and check out the application form.

Other scholarships:

  • The University’s other grants (link)
  • British Council
    Skarpögatan 6, 115 27 STOCKHOLM
    Tel: 08-667 01 40
    Mediates scholarships for studies in the UK
  • Goethe-Institution
    Linnégatan 76, 114 60 STOCKHOLM
    Tel: 08-663 84 20
    Mediates scholarships for studies in Germany
  • Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien
    Box 50005 104 05 Stockholm
    Tel: 08-673 95 00, fax: 08-15 56 70.
    Mediates scholarships for travelling and studying abroad.
  • Rotary in Sweden
    Dalatrappan 2, 111 23 STOCKHOLM
    Telephone: 08-20 98 64
    Scholarships and funds
  • SIDA
    The board of international developing cooperation.
    105 25 Stockholm
    Visiting adress:
    Sveavägen 20
    Telephone: 08-698 50 00
    Scholarships for field studies, Minor Field Studies (MFS) and travel grants for training and education service at international organizations.
  • Swedish-Spanish foundation
    Mediates scholarships for studies in Spain.
    Contact person: Monica Trollsås, SAU – Swedish foreign trade association
    Post adress: Swedish-Spanish foundation Box 5501 SE-114 85 STOCKHOLM
    Telephone: +46 (0) 705 68 80 50
  • Swedish Institute
    Box 7434
    103 08 STOCKHOLM 
    Telephone: 08-789 20 00, telephone hours Monday-Friday 10.30-12.00, Tuesday 13.30-15.00
    Mediates scholarships for studying abroad.
  • Sweden- America foundation
    Box 5280, 102 46 STOCKHOLM
    Tel: 08-611 46 11, 08-611 46 44, telephone hours Monday-Friday 10.00-12.00, 14.00-16.00
    Mediates scholarships for studies in the US & Canada

For local scholarship information, turn to churches, schools, municipalities, banks, county board, unions.
There are also books, containing lists of different scholarships. These books can be found in libraries and book stores.

Good luck