Student's exchange stories

We have gathered relevant blogs, traveling stories and quotes from our current and former exchange students.

Emma studied the economic program at the University of Skövde and has just completed a year of exchange studies in Alicante, Spain.

“I have blogged about my life as an Erasmus student in Spain, so please click on the link in the column to the right and follow me and my adventure”.

Alexander studied industrial economics and chose to study one semester at Catholic University of Korea. In his travel story, which you will find in the column to the right, he will tell you more about his time abroad.

"Go, no matter where. You will have fun as long as there are other students there. Be open, things will be different, but that does not mean that it is always negative. Furthermore, I can attest that it increases your chances of getting a job. You will also meet friends from all over the world, as you will be able to travel to as well. "

Josefine, a former student at the Scientific Program User Experience Design, studied her fifth semester in Krakow, Poland at Jagiellonian University. You will find the interview with her in the link to the right.

"I was immediately in love with the city! Everything was easy to find and there were many green alleys and beautiful buildings so it was nice to just walk around. You could find several cafés, bars and restaurants. I was constantly visiting new places and yet I was not finished by the time I left Poland."

Patrick studied economics with a specialization at business law, at the University of Skövde. He went to the University of New Mexico in the US after his graduation. Please find more information in the link to the right.

"My time as an exchange student has made me feel more confident about myself. Mostly, I have evolved as a social creature, I would say. I have become more “urbane” and I feel more comfortable in social situations among people I do not know. "

Shammeran studied social psychology and took the opportunity to go to Rockford University, USA. After completing a bachelor's degree at Högskolan i Skövde, Shammeran returned to Rockford to study a Master of Business Administration and work at their Office of Global Affairs. Click on the link on the right to see a video with Shammeran.

"If you get the chance to study abroad - take it! You never know when that chance comes again! You will not regret it, be open and susceptible to other people and new cultures and you will manage just fine. You circle of contacts will expand and you will find friends for life from all over the world. I guarantee that you will experience yourself being more independent and world-renowned and you will definitely be able to use the experience during your whole life! "