Bachelor´s Programme in Biomedicine

We are happy to welcome you to the University of Skövde! In order to make your arrival and your stay in Skövde as pleasant as possible we would like to give you some important information. Please read it carefully. It contains important information about residence permit, insurance, tuition fees, accommodation, pick-up service, introduction programme, language courses and registration.

Some advance information about our very first meeting. As international students, you will all be attending the international introductory week during the last full week of August, and, after that, your actual studies formally begin on Monday September 3.

More specifically, there is a general introduction from the Vice-Chancellor for all new (Swedish and international) students on campus Monday September 3 at 09.30 (9.30 am). After this, we will be meeting at 10.15-12.00 (10.15 am - 12 noon), in the A Building, room A202 . After this is an unscheduled lunch hour (I'll point you toward some options before we part ways), followed by various (voluntary) introductory activities for all new (Swedish and international) students, on campus, from 13.15 (1.15 pm) onward.

Please note that our meeting – that is, Monday September 3, 10.15-12.00 in A202 – is strictly compulsory. Failure to attend entails that you risk losing your study place. If you are held up for reasons over which you have no control (illness or similar), then it is absolutely essential that you contact me and inform me of the situation, so that you don't lose your study place in the meantime.

Also, please ensure that you have your accommodation sorted prior to your arrival. Keep in mind, as I note in the FAQs at , that it is difficult to find furnished rooms to rent in Sweden outside university accommodation, and that you must organize your own accommodation if you intend to bring a partner and/or any dependents.

The latter point, in particular, requires you to take action as soon as possible, so that you are certain that you have your accommodation sorted in advance. If any of you were thinking to bring family members who intend to work while you study, please also bear in mind that it is difficult to find work in Sweden, particularly if you do not have a car (much of the work is spread out beyond the reach of public transport) and do not speak more or less fluent Swedish already.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Skövde!


Programme Director