Distance Examination

Exchange students may sit for an examination in a course offered at the University of Skövde at their home institution. The home institution must arrange for an invigilator to supervise the examination. To be able to sit for a distance examination at the home institution, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The teacher in the particular course at the University of Skövde permits the arrangement
  • The examination to take place abroad can take place at the same time as the original examination takes place at the University of Skövde
  • There is a contact person responsible for the examination at the home institution.

Exchange students who study at the University of Skövde during the autumn semester may only take distance examinations at their home institution after December 22nd. It should be noted that students staying an entire year must be back for examinations in January. Students studying during the spring semester are allowed to take exams offered after August 1st as distance examination at their home institution.

You must also ask the person who will supervise the examination at your home institution to send a request to the Examination Officer at the Student Affairs Office at the University of Skövde.

Please confirm with the teacher responsible for the course that the examination can be taken abroad before you begin the process.

It should be noted that only complete requests for distance examinations which have been sent in at least three weeks before the examination date will be allowed to be taken at the home university.

The request must contain the following information

  • Student name
  • Swedish personal ID number or Student ID number
  • Examination course
  • The date and Swedish time of the examination
  • Name of the teacher responsible for the course
  • Reason for doing the exam at the home institution
  • The name of the home institution and the country
  • The name of the International Coordinator at the home university
  • The contact person who will supervise the examination at the home institution
    - Name
    - E-mail
    - Phone number

The examination document will be sent two days before the exam will take place. The exam must be sent back to the Examination Officer as soon as the examination has ended or, at the latest, the day after by fax or scanned in an e-mail. The original exam documents must also be sent by regular mail.




Maria Carlstedt
Examination Officer
Student Affairs Office
University of Skövde
Box 408
SE-541 28 Skövde

Phone +46 (0)500 44 80 00
Fax +46 (0)500 44 80 99
E-mail distanceexam@his.se