New Studentportal

October 22nd to November 11th you will not be able to access Studentportalen. Make sure you sign up for examinations, register for all courses this falll and retrieve any certificates you may need during this period, no later than October 21st. Our new portal will be released during the 5th-12th November.

When we launch the new Studentportalen it will be responsive, have a new navigation and show your results in a smarter way.

However, there will be a period of downtime, weeks 43-45/October 22nd-November 11th, when you can not reach Studentportalen and it's functions at all. This means you will have to prepare for this period by, for example, signing up for all examinations during these weeks before October 21st. Read on to find out what you need to do and when:

Important dates

Here is a quick overview for when certain tasks have to be done to make the downtime October 22nd-November 11th (weeks 43-45) as smooth as possible. The systems are closed for both students and staff during this period.

Ongoing information will be provided here. 

October 15

Make sure you are registered to all autumn courses before October 15.

October 21

Examination sign-up
If you are scheduled for an examination during weeks 44-45 you have to sign up for it no later than October 21st. For all examinations between October 29th and November 10th, the regular sign-up time (seven days before the exam) will not be valid, you have to sign up on October 21st at the latest. Please sign up as soon as possible for all examinations and do not worry about unregistering if anything prevents you from attending.

If you need to use a certificate during the downtime you have to retrieve it on October 21st, at the latest. Neither you nor anyone in the staff will be able to issue study or registration certificates during the downtime.

Results cannot be registered by anyone during October 22nd and November 7th, which means no new results will be sent to CSN. CSN have been informed.

Degree Certificates
Applications for degree certificates may be submitted up until and including 21st October. Later applications are preferrably handled in the new Student portal, but may also be submitted through paper available on the University of Skövde website under Degree certificates. No Degree certificates can be issued during the downtime.

Study Drop-out
Study drop-outs will be registered as soon as Ladok is available.

October 22nd

The Studentportalen and the national study documentation system, Ladok, will close for both students and staff at the University of Skövde.

November 5th- November 12th

On November 5th, at the earliest, and no later than November 12th the new systems will be upp and running and open for both students and staff again. From that point you will be able to sign up for examinations and check your results, and more.

Scio - the Learning Platform

The learning Platform Scio will be up and running as usual during the downtime. Use the direct link to log in to Scio and reach your courses.

Your personal schedule

You can save the link "Personal schedule" from the schedule service in Studentportalen before October 22nd (after registering for all courses). The saved link will work during the downtime.

The schedule for different courses may also be retrieved from the schedule service TimeEdit. Go to to find links to your different schedule search options.

Why do we change Studentportalen?

These changes are being made due to the update of the national study documentation system, Ladok. The update is not optional, all universities in Sweden are being scheduled for updates during different periods of time, and now it is our turn.

Since many of the functions in Studentportalen are based on Ladok, for example retrieving certificates and signing up for examinations, we make much needed changes to Studentportalen at the same time to avoid multiple downtimes.

When the new Studentportalen opens you will find it easier to use it on your smartphone. It will also provide a better overview of you results and more.

We will do everything we can to make these changes cause as little trouble as possible for you.

Mobilvy över "mina resultat" på nya Studentportalen

Mobile view of current status for your courses; ongoing, finished and remaning.


Startsidan på nya Studentportalen i datorversionen

Staring page in desktop view.