Student Barometer 2018

The University of Skövde wants you to have the best possible conditions to succeed in your studies and that you have a good working environment. In order for us to know what can be developed and improved, we need to have your opinions on how you experience your study environment.

Between November 5 and December 2, a survey will be conducted, which is addressed to you as a student at our university.

Information about the survey

You will receive a personal link sent to your student email from Quicksearch, the company that conducts the survey to ensure student anonymity. The link you receive should not be shared with other students. It may happen that this email ends up in your inbox as spam, so check if you received an email from Quicksearch or not. If you have not received an email, please contact

The survey is in Swedish and English and can be answered by computer, tablet and cell phone. You do not have to fill in everything at once, but you can pause and continue later.

The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to answer.

Question areas in the survey

  • the study environment and student influence
  • support, service and information
  • discrimination and harassment
  • the physical environment, such as premises

How is the result presented?

The results of the survey will be available on this web page in January 2019. The responses are kept confidential. When the results are presented there will be no indication of who submitted the various responses.

Students studying outside the E-house on Campus