Academic Ceremony 2016

Every other year the University of Skövde holds an Academic Ceremony where those who have defended a doctoral thesis are conferred upon with a doctoral degree and those who have been selected as professors are inaugurated. On the 7th of October 2016 the Academic Ceremony of the University of Skövde took place.

At the ceremony no less than ten new professors at the University were inaugurated. Within the field of biomedicine Katarina Ejeskär, Homa Tajsharghi and Dennis Larsson. Within the field of nursing Anette Ekström and Lena Mårtensson.Akademisk högtid
Within the field of engineering science Lars Hanson. Within the field of social psychology Ali Kazemi. Within the field of public health Alexandra Krettek and Sakari Suominen were inaugurated, and within the field of informatics Vicenç Torra.

The new professors were inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Skövde, Sigbritt Karlsson. The dean, Anne Persson, conferred doctor’s degrees on Jesper Holgersson and Björn Berg Marklund, both connected to the School of Informatics.

Akademisk högtid
At the academic ceremony the new honorary doctor of informatics, Åsa Roos, was also conferred upon.

In addition, Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Minister for Higher Education and Research, was also present.

See pictures from this year’s Academic Ceremony (in Swedish).