Human Resources Office

The office works with issues within the domain of human resources. Every school and administrative department has an appointed human resources specialist and human resources- and salary officer assigned to it. These officers provide primary support functions in human resources issues to directors and staff at the school or department. The Human Resources Office also has dedicated specialists who work with areas like health care, work environment, equality and diversity.

The human resources office works within the following areas:

  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Administrative support at pedagogic acquisition of qualifications
  • Work environment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Wellness
  • Equality and diversity
  • University universal competence enhancement
  • Leader development and leader appointment
  • Ethical values
  • Salaries (salaries revision, salaries development evaluation)
  • Terms of employment
  • Salary administration
  • MBL-issues, negotiations, cooperations and information
  • management and development of the IT system Palasso
  • Statistics and reports within the human resources area
  • General staff support including human resources support to management