Bioscience – this is us

The study programmes and courses within the field of Bioscience have a strong connection to the subjects Bioinformatics, Biology, Bioscience, Ecology, Philosophy, Cognitive Neuroscience, Molecular Biology and Systems Biology.

Education and Research – a strong connection

Our study programmes alla have a strong foundation in the research. The University of Skövde conducts successful research through the research specialization, the Systems Biology Research Center. The research in this field received very high ratings in the 2013 research evaluation (ARC13). We perform research in the fields of Tumour Biology, Infection Biology, Biotechnology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy as well as in Ecological Modeling.

Job opportunities

The programmes offered in the field of Bioscience will give you a broad entrance to the job market. These range from analytical laboratory work to work in the social sector, as well as further studies and research. The outlook varies for different professions, but an education at the School of Bioscience will prepare you thoroughly.

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