Collaboration in Bioscience

The School of Bioscience collaborates with companies within the Life Sciences, and with public organizations such as   authorities and hospitals. We also collaborate with other universities in order to strengthen our research through access to specific expertise, laboratories and equipment, and for PhD studies.

These contacts drive the research to respond to different kinds of needs in society and help us to spread our research results and affect the social development.

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Collaboration with the business community

We collaborate both in research and in education. Together with our business partners we educate PhD students and conduct research that is of direct interest to the companies. Collaboration regarding research projects varies considerably, depending on the type of project, but the most common way for a company to support research is through funding, although some companies also contribute through provision of equipment and data analysis.

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Commissioned education

The School of Bioscience can offer tailored education programs for companies and organizations that want to evolve. Our commissioned education relies on on-going research in Bioscience and our teaching staff conduct research in their respective areas, which means that commissioned education from us is on the cutting edge.


Collaboration with authorities

The School of Bioscience collaborates with authorities in several different ways. For example, this can take the form of collaborative research, where researchers at the School produce results that in turn can be used by the authorities. The authorities also offer students from the School practical training within the framework of their respective educational program.


Collaboration with partner universities

The School of Bioscience collaborates with several Swedish universities, partly through joint research and partly through the joint training of PhD students.



The School of Bioscience co-operates with several foreign universities in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The collaboration concerns joint research, as well as teacher- and student exchange.


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