Senior university officers

The senior university officers work with strategic questions concerning education, research and cooperation. They provide support to the Vice-Chancellor. The senior university officers include the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University Director and Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Vice-Chancellor - Lars Niklasson

The Vice-Chancellor is the Head of the University and its foremost representative. The Vice-Chancellor leads the University’s activities and is responsible for implementing decisions taken by the University Board.
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Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Lena Mårtensson

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor is the Vice-Chancellor’s deputy, whose assigned appointment follows that of the Vice-Chancellor’s.
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University Director - Jan Zirk

The University Director is the head of university administration. This also includes strategies for cooperation between research and education.
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Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Mats Jägstam 

The University of Skövde has a Deputy Vice-Chancellor with a special responsibility for industrial collaboration and internationalisation. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is also program manager for the university's research environment, INFINIT.
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