Boards, councils and other bodies

At the University of Skövde there are a number of boards, councils and other bodies and groups. Some bodies have executive powers and formal status according to national and local rules and regulations. Other bodies serve an advisory function. The highest executive body is the Board of Governors. At the University there is one faculty board with overall responsibility for quality within education and research. This is an overview of the bodies of the University of Skövde.

Executive bodies

Board of Governors

Course syllabus committee of teaching

Course syllabus committee of health

Course syllabus committee of society

Course syllabus committee of information technology

Course syllabus committee of engineering

Course syllabus committee of natural sciences

Discipline Board (Björn Hellberg, secretary of the Discipline Board)

Faculty Board

Staff executive board (Susanne Ekhäll, Vice-Chancellor's Secretary)

Advisory bodies

Commitee for equality (Emma Pavlov, student counsellor and equality coordinator)

Council for admissions (Kassie Sundin, Director of Academic Affairs and Student Support Office)

Board of work environment/committee of work safety representatives

Biological safety committee (Sandra Karlsson)

Campus and safety group (Magnus Littmarck, Director of Estates and Facilities)

Student introductions group (Christina Johansson, student counsellor)

Diversity group (Pernilla Hagström, Human Resources specialist)

Council of docent examination

Council of research ethical topics

Council of doctoral education

Scholarship board (Susanne Ekhäll, Vice-Chancellor's Secretary)

Council of strategy (Susanne Ekhäll, Vice-Chancellor's Secretary)

Council of student accommodation (Elin Tomasdottir, student accommodations coordinator)