Quality assessment

Higher education in Sweden must maintain a high standard. This is important for students, employers and society at large. The Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslersämbetet) has the task of evaluating all higher education. The Government has laid down a qualification descriptor for each qualification awarded by the higher education institutions. Irrespective of the organisation of the studies that have led to the award of a qualification, the quality of the courses and programmes must always be high enough to ensure that the goals laid down in the qualification descriptor are attained.

The University of Skövde is in the same class as the big prestigious universities in national quality evaluations. The result of the quality evaluation puts the University of Skövde in seventh place. 

This can be attributed to methodical and persistent work to offer high quality courses, facilitating both knowledge and employability. Some of our programs are unique specializations while others have interdisciplinary breadth. We also collaborate with the industry; following their demands in order to create employable students.

About the evaluation

The Swedish Higher Education Authority evaluates all first and second-cycle programmes.

Courses and programmes have to be evaluated on the basis of how well they fulfil the requirements laid down in the Higher Education Act, and the qualification descriptors in the statutes linked to the Act. In other words, the Swedish Higher Education Authority assesses to what extent the learning outcomes achieved by the students correspond to the intended learning outcomes.

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