Anna Larsson

Senior Lecturer in Business Administration

School of Business

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  • E318


Kallifatides, M. & Larsson, A. (2017). Neo-liberal ´sustainability´in the UK: The case of regulating pension funds, in: Sustaiable development and business, Yearbook Stockholm School of Economics Institute for research (SIR).

Larsson, A. (2010): Strategists in Business Society?, Chapter 1 in Managerial Cognition and Strategic Management – Rethinking internationalization strategies, (eds) García-Merino, T. & Santos-Álvarez, V., Nova Science Publisher.

Hoveskog, M & Larsson, A. (2009). Centaurs and Managers – Stories from Two national Contexts: Bulgaria and the UK, Research report within the project "The Vaggryd project – regional development and entrepreneurship in a local community", Jönköping Internation Business School.

Larsson, A. (2008): Strategists - free or bound? - On individuality and typicality among CEOs, Diss. Linköping, Department of Management and Engineering, University of Linköping.

Anderson, H. & Larsson, A. (1998): The project as an arena for innovation - images of projects and their implications, in: Projects as Arenas for Renewal and Learning Processes, (eds) Christophe Midler & Rolf Lundin, Kluwer Acad. Publ.